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Transport Solutions, Inc. is a full-service shipping, transportation, and logistics services provider. From documentation and tax service and clearance, to air, ocean and land transport, to uncrating and rubbish removal, we can manage your cargo from point of origin to final destination, allowing you to concentrate on the details of growing your business.


TSL uses cutting-edge technology to track shipments, receive orders and payments, and provide proof of delivery using real-time smartphone software. We can locate your cargo at any point in the delivery process and report back to you in detail so you can minutely manage your clients' needs and expectations.


Based in Puerto Rico, TSL works with clients large and small all over the world. Because we work with such a broad client base, we understand the different needs that companies of different sizes have, and we customize the services we provide to ensure you and your end clients have a seamless experience.


Our business fully supports your business; we know that on-time delivery reflects not just on our transportation capabilities but also on your business as well. We are dedicated to supporting your top-of-the-line reputation with your clients while taking the complications of logistics off your hands. Our full scope of custom services provides you with the solutions you need to maintain your daily business and to plan for growth in the future.

TSL is proud to offer full transportation and shipping solutions to clients of all sizes, to and from Puerto Rico and across the globe. We are EDI capable and our technology allows us to interface with your systems to seamlessly become an extension of your own business.

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Customized Services
We provide the solutions to meet your needs with a custom-created logistics plan.

Worldwide coverage
Can we help you send your cargo anywhere in the world? Yes we can!

Shipping Solutions
Technology and experience combine to provide hassle-free transportation services.